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Anniversary Timelines for 2021

Rather than type them all out I have found a couple of excellent timeline websites. Why repeat al the excellent work on the following website: Anniversaries 2021

Also a website about 2020 the year our Forum was formed. Its from Wikipedia and goes through the year month by month

Anniversary Timeline for 2020

795 Viking attack on Iona

1120 Sinking of the White Ship

1170 Murder of Thomas a Becket

1295 Model Parliament

1520 Field of the Cloth of Gold

1570 Queen Elizabeth 1 declared an heretic

1620 The Pilgrim Fathers

1645 Battle of Naseby

1670 Hudson's Bay Company

1695 Foundation of the Bank of Scotland

1720 South Sea Bubble
- Birth of Bonnie Prince Charlie

1745 Jacobite Rising

1770 NS Wales claimed for Britain

7/ 4/1770 William Wordsworth born

1795 Pontycysyllte Aqueduct built

17/ 1/1820 Birth of Anne Bronte

1820 Cato St Conspiracy
- Launch of HMS Beagle
- Death of George 111
- Birth of Beethoven
- Birth of John Tenniel
- 12/ 5/1820 Birth of Florence Nightingale
- 1820 - Death of George 111

1845 The Great Famine (Ireland)
- Engels published 'The Condition of the Working Class in England

1870 - Forster's Education Act
- Married Women's Property Act
- Birth of Lenin
- Death of Charles Dickens

1895 The National Trust
- Oscar Wilde was imprisoned

1920 Inauguration of the League of Nations
- Welwyn Garden City
- Internment of the Unknown Warrior
- Rupert Bear
- 1st Public performance of The Planets
- 1st British Roller Coaster
- Partition of Ireland
- Dick Kerr's Ladies' Football team from Preston beat St Helen's: 53,000 crowd
- 1st woman served on a jury
- Agatha Christie's 1st novel published
- Birth of Isaac Asimov,
- Clive Dunn,
- Alf Ramsay,
- Michael Anderson,
- Frank Muir,
- Richard Adams,
- Leo McKern,
- Ronald Searle,
- Lewis Gilbert,
- Jack Odell,
- Patrick Troughton,
- Johnny Speight,
- Anthony Barber,
- Leslie Porter,
- PD James,
- Christopher
- Robin Milne,
- Peter Vansittart,
- Dick Francis,
- Roy Jenkins,
- Merlyn Rees,
- Bernard Weatherall.
- 1930 Birth of Billy Fury
- 1940 Food rationing
- Death of David Lloyd George
- 1945 Yalta Conference,
- Soviet troops enter Auschwitz,
- Bombing of Dresden,

1945 VE Day
- Channel Islands liberated,
- Charter of the UN,
- Labour landslide,
- Potsdam Conference, .
- Atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima,
- Animal Farm published,
- the film Brief Encounter,
- Nuremberg War Trials,
- death of Anne Frank

Born 1945
- Barry John,
- Rod Stewart,
- Rocco Forte,
- Martin Shaw,
- Jacqueline du Pre,
- Charlotte Rampling,
- Bob Marley,
- Simon Scharma,
- Elkie Brooks,
- Eric Clapton,
- Alan Ball,
- Pete Townsend,
- Ken Livingstone,
- Helen Mirren,
- Van Morrison,
- Bryan Ferry,
- Jacqueline Wilson,
- Eve Pollard,
- Davy Jones.

1950 Nato was created
- first organ transplant May 4th (kidney)

1960 President Kennedy was elected

1970 VCR and Floppy discs
- The Beatles break up

1970 ½ crown and 2/- ceased to be legal tender,
- 18 year old allowed to vote,
- death of Jimmy Hendrix,
- death of Bertrand Russell,
- 1st Glastonbury Festival,
- Gay Lib Front founded.

Born - Andy Burnham,
- Minnie Driver,
- Simon Pegg,
- Louis Theroux,
- Naomi Campbell,
- Alan Shearer,
- Zoe Ball,
- Matthew Pinsent,
- Aled Jones,

1975 Microsoft appears on the scene,

1980 Rubiks Cube and Pacman
- John Lennon is assassinated

1990 Release of Nelson Mandela
- the Hubble telescope is launched

1995 Collapse of Baring's Bank,
- 1st Women Chief Constable,


- Nico Ditch running from Ashton-under-Lyne, through Audenshaw and Denton and on to Stretford. Legend claims it was built in a single night in 869 or 870 as a defence against Viking invaders

- 1730 a parish workhouse was established which consisted of a house and two cottages on Dungeon street in Ashton-under-Lyne.

- John Chapman (1810-1877) was MP for Grimsby, High Sheriff of Cheshire, JP and Chairman of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway. He lived in Broadbottom.

- Stalybridge St George's is the parish church on the Lancashire side of the river in the Diocese of Manchester. It is known as New St George's and its foundation stone was laid on 24 June 1840

- 1895 Opening of the Albion United Reformed Church in Ashton. Worship started in a house on Church Street in 1780 and after several moves of premises culminating in the present building, built almost in opposition to the parish church and its spire is 5 feet higher.

- E Taylor Electrical in Stalybridge, shop and business, opened in 1920, four generations of the family are celebrating its centenary this year

- Harry Pollitt, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain, was born in Droylsden in 1890 - died 1960 The communist Party of great Britain was formed in 1920. He appears on a Soviet Union stamp of 1970. In 1945 he was within a thousand votes of taking Rhonda East from the Labour Party

- Ada Jane Summers MBE JP (née Broome; 1861-1944) was the first British woman to sit as a magistrate. She was also the first female councillor, mayor and freeman of Stalybridge near Manchester. She was also a philanthropist. In October 1920 she was appointed a Justice of the Peace in the borough in her own right, again the first woman in Britain to do so

- Stalybridge town's war memorial was extended after the war, to bear the names of an extra 124 men from the town; it was unveiled on 23 April 1950.

- Mrs Bowman published her epic "England in Ashton-uner-Lyne" in 1960

- Tameside Local History Forum was founded in 2000

- Tameside Family History Group was founded in 2000. One of the branches of the Family history Society of Chesire

Many thanks to Kate Booth and my joint effort finding these 02/02/2020

Anniversary Timeline to 2019

79 Romans build a wooden fort at Mamucium

1069 The Harrying of the North by William the Conquerer

20/8/1619 the start of the British slave trade

1669 Christopher Wren got the job of designing St Paul's Cathedral

1719 The publication of Robinson Crusoe

1729 the first Cotton Exchange built in Manchester

1759 James Brindley apointed by the Duke of Bridgewater to build his canal

1769 both the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon were born.

1769 Wedgewood factory opened in Stoke on Trent

1769 Arkwight patented his spinning frame

1769 Captain Cook discovered New Zealand

22/11/1819 birth of George Eliot - Mary Ann Evans. Author, poet, journalist and translator.

1819. 20th anniversary since the birth of Queen Victoria

1819 200th Anniversary of the birth of Joseph Bazalgette (Engineer of the London Sewers)

1819 The Peterloo Massacre

1819 Charles Kingsley author of The Water Babies was born

1839 Manchester to Salford Junction canal opens through the centre of Manchester

1869 The Co-operative Union decided to establish a central body

1869 Suez Canal opens

1869 The Cutty Sark was launched

1869 Henry Wood the Founder of the Proms was born

1869 Arthur Brooke opens his tea dealing business Brooke Bond at 23 Market Street

1869 Mahatmat Ghandi was born

1879 The first Provincial Telephone Exchange opens on Faulkner Street

1889 RSPB founded at Didsbury

1919 The first translatlantic Flight by Alcock and Brown

1919 Hundred years of the caravan

June 1919 The League of Nations was formed

July 1919 the first Airship crosses the Atlantic

1919 The Treaty of Versailles was signed following the end of the 1st World War

12/4/1919 - Amritsar Massacre

1919 - Homes fit for Heroes Housing Act

1919 - Womens' Engineering Society

1919 - Egyptian Revolution

12/5/1919 - The charity Combat Stress was founded.

1919 - NASUWT founded, the union for ordinary teachers

15/11/1919 - Nancy Astor elected to Parliament

1939 The Daily Express building designed by Sir Owen William is completed

6/6/1944 75th anniversary of the D Day Landings

1949 The Manchester Mark 1 computer is operable at Manchester University

9/11/1989 the fall of the Berlin Wall

20/7/1969 1st Moon Landing

20/7/1969 the last public performance by The Beatles

1969 The Family History Society of Cheshire was formed

1969 Concorde's maiden flight

1969 The Kray Twins convicted

1969 voting age lowered to 18

1969 First Solo sailing around the world Robin Knox Johnson

1969 First Troops sent to Northern Ireland

1969 The 50 pence coin issued

1969 Drilling for North Sea Oil began

1979 The start of Denton local History Society

1979 Major fire at Woolworths Manchester Piccadilly Store

1989 The Fall of the Berlin Wall

1989 The release of Nelson Mandella

1999 The opening of Portland Basin Museum

Anniversary Timeline to 2018

July 918 Aethelflaed daughter of King Alfred, leader of Mercians, dies at Tamworth, Staffs.

1348 7 July - the first case of the Black Death

1588 7 January - England loses its last possession in France (Calais)

1658 3 September - Oliver Cromwwell dies

1668 - Birth of Thomas Coram, seaman and philanthropist and founder of the London Foundling Hospital

1688 21 May - Birth of Alexander Pope, poet

1708 - The First Hyde Chapel built

1718 18 March - Birth of Thomas Chippendale, cabinet maker

1718 - British Convicts start being transported to penal colonies oversees

1728 3 July - Birth of Robert Adam, architect and interior designer

1728 7 November - Birth of James Cook, sea captain and explorer

1788 31 January - Death of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, 'Bonny Prince Charlie'

1788 31 January - Death of Thomas Gainsborough, portrait and landscape artist

1798 26 May - Irish Rebel Uprising

1808 - British West African Squadron is formed to suppress the Slave Trade

1812-1818 - Hampden Clubs are formed to advocate for Parliamentary Reform

1818 22 August - death of Warren Hastings first de factor Gov. General of India

1818 - construction of what is now the A57 road from Taylor Lane, Denton, to Reddish Bridge- replacing a circuitous route via Windmill Lane, Cornhill Lane etc. See "About Denton", by Frank Brown, p35

1838 - Oliver Twist is published

1838 8 May - The Peoples Charter advocates Social and Political reform

1868 - First publication of Louisa May Alcott's 'Little Women'

1918 6 February - Limited Vote for Women

1918 11 November Armistice bringing about end of hostilities in World War One

1918 Early Spring - Start of Spanish Flu Pandemic.

4th November 1918 Wilfred Owen of the Manchester Regiment and First World War poet dies at the Sambre-Oise canal, France.

1918 - Frank Hampson, illustrator and creator of Dan Dare, was born on 21 December 1918, in Audenshaw. See People who made Tameside and Oxford dictionary of National Biography

1928 7 September - All Women over 21 given the Vote

1938 12 February - The first Kinder Transport

1948 22 June - Post War Immigration Starts

1958 5 December - First motorway opens - The Preston Bypass

1968 Jan/Feb - Hull Triple Trawler disaster. 59 men of Hull fishing community lose their lives at sea. Women of community protest about safety at sea laws and bring about 88 safety measure

1958 6 February - The Munich Air disaster

1968 4 April - Martin Luther King, Civil Rights leader is shot and killed in Memphis, Tennessee USA

1978 - the first Test Tube Baby born in Oldham - Louise Brown

1978 - Denton Local History Society is 40 years old in 2018 - more information about events to celebrate this later

Anniversary Timeline to 2017

1707 The first Old Chapel is built in Dukinfield. http://www.ukunitarians.org.uk/dukinfield/index.htm

1717 John "Blind Jack" Metcalfe of Knaresborough was born. Yorkshire's most extraordinary son and an ancestor of my husband. http://gayandmike.co.uk/blindjack.htm

1747 Liverpool overtakes Bristol as the nations busiest Slaveport.

1787 13th May The First Fleet of Convicts sails for Australia

1807 The Slave Trade in Britain is abolished

1817 The March of the Blanketeers 10 March forerunner to Peterloo in 1819 http://spartacus-educational.com/PRblanketeers.htm

Hugh Mason 1817 - 1886 Industrialist, Mill owner, Philanthropist. There is a statue of him in Trafalgar Square, Ashton

1837 20th June Queen Victoria ascends the Throne
1837 1st July the Start of Civil Registration

1847 Ashton-under-Lyne becomes a Borough Council
1847 5th April the First Municipal Park opened - Birkenhead

1857 5th March Stalybridge Corporation is formed

Francis Thompson 16th December 1859 - 13th November 1907 local poet

1917 Ashton Munitions disaster
http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01q7vd4ion.htm I will be likely to add more about this event later

1917 The Imperial War Museum is created. 5 March 2017 will mark 100 years since the founding of the Imperial War Museum. MRT's Miles Rowland takes a look at how the museum has changed since its foundation. https://www.martinrandall.com/iwm-anniversary

1917 100th Anniversary Battle of Passchendaele.The terrible battle commenced on 31st July, continuing until 10th November.

1927 1st January The BBC created

Brian Wilde 1927 - 2008 Actor. Appeared in many programmes, his most famous being Last of the Summer Wine. Lived on Montague Road, Ashton

Coronation date of King George VI 12th May 1937.

Randal Mundy 1862 - 1937 - teacher at Albion School, Poet, Linguist. Lived on Mellor Road, Ashton

1967 1st January The Beatles release Sergeant Pepper
1967 27 July Abortion and Homosexuality are legalised

1967 A British Midland flight full of holidaymakers was returning from Mallorca when the pilot suddenly lost power and the aircraft ploughed into a small patch of waste land at Hopes Carr in Stockport town centre at 10.09am on Sunday 4th June, 1967.

1997 1st May Labour Party Elected
25 June World's 1st live Satellite broadcast
31 August Diana Princess of Wales dies
30 September Radio One goes on air

Ronald Fraser 1930 -1997 - Actor, lived in Cockbrook. Appeared in more than 50 films and TV programmes

50th Anniversary of Mossley RNLI

Branch RNLI Fund Raising Committee is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with a display in the George Lawton Hall during October and a book is being produced by Alison Wild and Shirley Howard recording past events. The Celebration Day is Thursday 5th October in the George Lawton Hall.

Albion United Reformed Church
Stamford St. East Ashton-u- Lyne
Celebrating 200 years

To Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Congregational Church, come and Sing Messiah November 12 2016. Click here to download this advertising flyer for more details and to book your place.


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